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Every journey begins with a single idea

A project to plan. A process to optimize. A problem to solve. A concept to explore. No matter what you and your team need to do, the first step is to get your ideas out so that everyone can see them.

Multiple ways to capture ideas We all think differently. Capture and share your ideas the ways that work best for you, through combinations of notes, cards, text, and images, or simply whiteboard your ideas directly onto your digital canvas.

Cross platform support HTML5 assures compatibility across the widest range of devices. Cnverg works on all major operating systems and modern browsers.

Go beyond the Kanban board

Cnverg is for the work that won’t fit into neat columns. Use it for ideation and brainstorming, planning and feasibility, process and project management, retrospectives and review, and everything in between.

Flexible and adaptable Enjoy the freedom to adapt Cnverg to the way you work, and experiment with new visual methods as your workflow evolves.

Template backgrounds Choose from one of our beautifully designed background templates or upload your own.

Get even more from your GitHub issues

Supercharge your GitHub issues with Cnverg and get more value from your planning sessions.

Turn issues into interactive cards View and filter all of your open issues in the side panel. Drag them out onto the canvas, visually prioritize you backlog, and watch your sprint planning sessions transform into highly efficient team engagement meetings.

Take full control of your GitHub issues Create, edit, update, close, assign, and tag issues: visually and with a touch or click, right from the browser on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

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Take TrelloTM to the next level

Cnverg makes a great product even better by providing TrelloTM users with a real-time whiteboard and planning wall where they can plan, strategize, prioritize, and brainstorm all of their projects.

Import all of your TrelloTM boards It doesn’t matter if you work with one board or a dozen. Move seamlessly between TrelloTM and Cnverg. Real-time, two-way synching ensures that all of your data stays up to date.

Take full control of your TrelloTM cards Create, edit, change lists, assign tasks, add due dates and labels: visually and with a touch or click, right from the browser on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

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Really real real-time

Really. Life moves fast. Stop waiting for server updates and refreshes to catch you up. See the work your team is doing as they do it.

Simultaneous Interaction Everyone has their own independent view and can work at the same time without needing to wait or take turns.

Light years beyond screen sharing Cnverg is a shared, interactive workspace that allows your entire team to share and participate as if they were in the same room.

Built and optimized for touch

Touch-enabled devices are everywhere: shouldn’t your web apps leverage the full potential of touch? With support for full multitouch and gesture control right in the browser, Cnverg is ideal for users who prefer the freedom of their smart phones, tablets, and all-in-ones.

Full multitouch capability Move multiple objects simultaneously. Intuitive gesture controls such as pinch to zoom, swipe to pan, or dragging objects into the space.

The Giant Digital Whiteboard you already have Chances are you have a large display in your office. Control it in real-time as a digital whiteboard with the devices you walked into the room with, and watch as participants thousands of miles away can simultaneously control it. All in real-time. All in the browser. And with the devices you already own.

Built for the devices of tomorrow Cnverg is capable of simultaneous, multi-user interaction on large format touch displays and touch video walls: if it runs a modern browser, it can run Cnverg.

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